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Money saving tankless water heaters

Are you tired of having your hot water run out on you before you finished your shower? Let the staff at Mid-Tex Propane, Inc. of Luling, Gonzales, Seguin, Lockhart, TX help solve that problem for good.

• Heats up quickly

• Endless hot water

• Conserves energy

• Only activates when water is being used

• Takes up less space

• Appropriately sized to fit your home

• Automatically turns off when water does

Benefits of tankless water heaters:

You could have an endless supply of hot water flowing through your home by simply picking up the phone and calling today.


You will find a tankless water heater to not only be convenient, but will end up saving you money on your monthly energy bills. Talk to our staff today to see which type of water heater would be sufficient for your home.

Save yourself money

You can rely on our staff for quality service.


You will find our services to be professional and customer oriented.

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